Monday, June 6, 2016

Camping Trip

We love camping! We have been counting down the days for our first trip. On Memorial Day, we headed up American Fork Canyon. We went up early, so we decided to visit Tibble Fork Reservoir for lunch before we headed to the campsite. 

 It is so gorgeous up there.
 My sister came up for the day and brought her adorable dog.

 We bought up our fishing stuff, but it was a crazy busy so we didn't get close to the water.
After lunch we headed to the campsite. It was a hike in site which was nice because of the seclusion, but kind of a pain to walk everything in.

 Robert was a good helper with the fire.

I don't usually let my kids have bubbles in my house because I hate them, but I don't mind them in the outdoors! (although Robert knocked over an open one and it got all on the ground under the table, so that wasn't awesome)

 Zipsie wasn't a huge fan of people walking the trail by our campsite.
Robert decided the best place for the unused wood chips would keep best in the cooler.

The campsite was right on the water, which made me nervous, but ended up being awesome for the kids. There were quite a bit of large rocks down to the water so Robert couldn't head straight in.

We've been working very hard on Robert not throwing rocks, but we decided to only let him throw them into the water. He was in heaven.

 The kids loved being outside and exploring.

 We saw a Stellars Jay for the first time. They are awesome.

 We walked on the trail by our campsite and got some different views of the river.

 Robert was a little tired of the pictures.
I would definitely recommend taking beanies camping for kids (or adults if they get super cold). They helped so much. We put Robert in one to sleep and it definitely kept him warmer while he slept.

Oh how I love the campfire.

 Robert got a little dirty in shorts.

 I think it's my favorite canyon in Utah. It's so gorgeous up there.

 Apparently when you tell my family to do a silly face for a picture, we just stick our tongues out?

Sorry for the pic overload!