Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Go Utes!

Tonight we went to this season's first coaches show. It's a radio broadcast where the coach comes and answers questions and there are a couple players who are on for a little bit also. It's a lot of fun to hear what the coach has to say about the team and the upcoming game. It was especially fun to go to the first show, it was an exciting kick-off for the season. The first game is Thursday and I cannot wait!! Sugar and her cousin Samantha were having lots of fun running around. Everyone thought they were twins, and I don't blame them. They are matching and are the same age. But they were very funny to watch. Coach Whittingham is always so friendly and was kind enough to take some pics with the babies. He was trying to not make them cry so he's talking in one picture and Sugar is crying in the other but oh well! It makes for funny pics right? :-)


The boys will be going to the game while us girls watch it at home. (Much easier with the toddlers)

Uncle Nic is thrilled :-)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


There's nothing really new to report going on at our house lately. Everyday is basically the same. I decided to post some pictures of Sugar doing what she does during the day. Ignore the mess in the house.
We wake up just in time for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so she watches that during breakfast.

Reading and sitting at her own little "desk"
Sugar's favorite thing to play with is keys. She can't play with ours or she'll set off the alarm. So we took old real keys and made her her own set. She'll put them in the door jam and pretend she is unlocking the door. It is so funny!
Anything with a handle, she'll put on her arm. Then she grabs her keys and walks toward the door waving until you tell her goodbye. :-) She is getting so smart and comprehending so much more everyday.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Fun

Yay! Ash is home and we are so excited! The babies love ice cream on hot days. And I don't really mind the mess actually.

For the 24th weekend we went to Ty's hometown. It was really hot so Ty's brother got a swimming pool for Sugar and her cousin. We just had them in swim diapers and they loved it. Sugar loves splashing in the water. We also went up to the family cabin and had some great bbq food. It was nice to spend time with extended family and relax away from home.
Pretty view up the canyon on our way to the cabin
Sugar with her Uncle Troy and cousin, Bradyn.
Sugar with her cousin Natalie, look at their pretty blue eyes together!

Sugar and Desmond loved jamming out to the music there. Desmond really wanted to be running around with Sugar on his own.