Thursday, March 21, 2013

Visit Part 2: La Jolla

After a day and a half of enjoying wrestling, we decided to head down to La Jolla and enjoy the pretty view and sunset.

Here's the children's pool where it's birthing season for the seals. I know they look beached and dead, but I promise they aren't. Just soaking up some sun with their babies.
The awesome huge pelicans:
We walked out onto the wall and could see this little guy poking his head out of the water:
La Jolla is my favorite thing to visit down here because it's so pretty!

They were very vocal:

One of the things I love about southern California is that people can do and wear whatever they want. (I guess people have the right to do that everywhere but it seems like people are more individualistic down here) Including putting their dogs in matching pink and purple tutus. Whitney loved the "twinner" dogs. :-) I think I match my girls too much haha
Pelicans in flight:

She hates the sun and loves sun glasses:

Loving Uncle David:

I know you can't see her face, but the sunset is just so pretty!

Watching the sunset over the ocean is a new favorite hobby of mine. Words can't describe it and pictures can't show it, but it is so gorgeous! I feel so at peace and could watch it every night!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Visit Part 1

Remember our Fun Visitor from last year? Well, he came back! Last week, my brother, David came and we had lots of fun! We took may too many pictures for one post so I'm breaking it up.

We had made grand plans for the first day he was here. Ty took off work so we could go to SeaWorld and have lots of fun. The forecast leading up to the first day was rain :-( I really hoped that it wouldn't be that bad. There was even a double rainbow on the way to get him from his hotel, so my hopes were high: 
The girls were super excited to see him. They loved his hotel room a lot too. Whitney loved the cable tv and Lindsey loved the big mirror:

 We kept with our plans and headed down to San Diego, but the forecast still looked bleak. We drove past SeaWorld and headed to Ocean Beach.

 We walked out onto the pier and enjoyed the crashing waves. After we got further out, we saw dolphins jumping out of the water! (Who needs SeaWorld, right? :-)
 We headed down to Coronado, which we had never seen. Since we were so far south, I made convinced Ty to head down to an outlet mall which was basically at the border of Mexico:
 We stopped for dinner it Old Town:
 We headed down the road to a really cool Sheriff's Museum. It was totally free and really interactive:

 Wouldn't you be afraid to get pulled over by these two:
 Ty putting the girls in handcuffs:
 We got into some trouble:
 Look at this mugshot:
 Rescue helicopter:
It wasn't our plan for the day, but turned out really fun. I'm always excited to explore new places around town. The girls were disappointed they didn't go to SeaWorld, but absolutely thrilled to spend time with their uncle.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Miss 4 Year Old

Yesterday was Whitney's birthday. She had lots of fun with friends and our family. Please forgive my camera. I thought it'd be better to use my camera instead of my phone, but I was wrong and should've stuck with my phone! Oh well, please enjoy my ill-lit, blurry pictures. We decided awhile back that she'd have a Brave themed party so I tried to stick with that theme throughout the house/party.

She came out in the morning with her eyes closed knowing it was decorated:
 She got Merida's bow and arrow:
 Her cousin very graciously let her borrow her Merida costume so Whitney could feel extra princessy on her birthday:

Here's our version of the Scottish games, I made a target for our archery game and I sewed the bean bags for a toss game:
 Merida with her brother Hamish (the bear :-):
She invited 5 friends over from church. We started with snacks, Whitney refused to eat her apple in slices because Merida doesn't in the movie:

 We have to do a silly one if we do a normal one:
The archery shooting was a little difficult, but a few got it down to do it on their own:
 Here's the bean bag toss:
 Opening friend gifts:

 Here's a Merida dress she was given that was made for her by one of the mom's. I was so impressed!
 For Lindsey's birthday Whitney gave her a baby Snow White. Whitney has really loved it and plays with it all the time, so Lindsey gave her a Cinderella one. She was beyond thrilled.
Here's everyone doing their silly faces. The little girl on the right refused to get her picture taken or get out of the rocking chair so just scooted it over so she was included in the picture. :-)
 Here are their pretty princess faces:
 The games went a little faster than I anticipated so we just watched more of Brave then I thought we would:
 We opted for cupcakes thinking they'd be easier clean up. Apparently white buttercream frosting from Wal-mart is really dyed blue and green. Just for future reference, don't let the birthday girl hold the said green cupcakes...she may get it on her shirt:

 The blue frosting does make for fun tongues after, though:
Right before the party I had a mom call and offer face painting, because she needs some practice for parties that she does. She came towards the end and it worked out nicely.

 Whitney refused to get her face painted, but Lindsey got in on the action:
Whitney shares a birthday with the cute lady from upstairs so she brought down these cute cuffs she made for Whitney! They are so feminine and Whitney has been wearing them quite a bit:
At the end of the day she got to open the rest of her family gifts.
She was very excited to get the Taffeta Muttonfudge racer she's been wanting:

 She got Wreck-it-Ralph, which we've watched about 5 times already today:
 The blurry arms in this picture are her dancing about the Cinderella castle:

 Our amazing babysitter brought over a balloon and coloring book, I can't get over her thoughtfulness:
We capped off the day with her request of McDonalds and family movie night. I sure do love my sassy little 4 year old and the joy she brings to my life. She is our guinea pig and is forgiving with our mistakes. She is just beautiful and smart and amazes me everyday.