Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving at Grandma's

I hope you all had a great Turkey Day yesterday! We rotate every year, and this we were with Ty's family. It is always fun to get away and make the 2 hour drive to Grandma's house. It was a fun day and there ended up being about 42 extended family members who came. Here are some pics from the day:

Whit got a new Christmas book for Thanksgiving:
Whit and her cousin Desmond just sat down before dinner and started playing at their table:
Ty and Tami preparing dessert:
My two little cuties. They were being weird so you just get a bunch of random pictures:
Family Picture:

We are lucky she didn't get pushed off the chair!
Here's everyone eating:

She got a little tired of being so far away from everyone:
The kids got to make gingerbread houses after dinner. It was a nice distraction while the adults got to talk and check out Black Friday ads:
Whit just wanted to eat the icing:

I hope you all had a great day. I love being surrounded by family, even if it isn't my original family. I love a holiday that involves chocolate satin pie, family and most importantly, gratitude. What do you love most about Thanksgiving?

Monday, November 21, 2011


Where has November gone?! I swear Halloween was last week. I love the holiday season, and I'm super excited for Thanksgiving this week. I decided that I will list a few of the things I'm grateful for today:
-An aunt who reprimanded me that I don't blog enough which prompted this post. (Love you Aunt Kathy. :-)
-A roof over our head.
-A healthy family.
-I get to see my sister tomorrow!
-Our car.
-The holiday season.
-My laptop.
-College Football.
-New furnace at my parents' house.
-Food, especially junk food.
-Wendy's response to my tweet.
-Season 7 of House my awesome Hubby just got me.
-Having the most important Christmas shopping done.

It's totally random but this is how I'm feeling today. I'm grateful for so so much more, but I need to get two little ones ready for bed. I hope that you all have a fantastic holiday and feel grateful and love from others. :-)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Too Many Farewells

As most of you know these last couple months have been pretty difficult. I had three siblings move out of state within 2 months of each other. Well, the farewells keep coming and don't look to be stopping anytime soon. On Sunday we handed over the keys to the tenant of our condo. I was really looking forward to moving out of the condos, but when the time came I was pretty sad. I started thinking of all the memories we have there. It is the first home we bought together. We brought our babies home there. Just so many things. But it is for the best. Our lives are always changing and sometimes it's easier than other times. I don't really have any other option than to adapt to everything that happens. I know I can be as happy as I let myself. So here's to good luck to the changes that are happening and still coming!

I cried when I washed the little hand/fingerprints off the sliding glass door. (kinda hard to see in the picture)
Our last picture in the condo. I know we are dressed like bums but we had been cleaning.
Sayonara Condo! Ty is nothing but happy for the changes.
We came home to this, my two little cuties asleep with Mum Mum and Pap Pap in their bed. It was just too precious so I had to take a pic. It made me feel relieved that everything will turn out okay and we can make fun memories no matter where we are.