Sunday, June 13, 2010

Long Update

Sorry I've been absent lately. I don't really have any excuses because so far this summer Sugar and I have just been lazy and hanging out most days. But better late than never right? Here's what's been going on:

Ty's nephew got married this past weekend. We're so happy for him and his beautiful bride. He actually had a bicycle accident a week before the wedding, so it was a miracle he was able to be in such good health for the wedding!

Here's Sugar hanging out with her cousin at the open house.
Happy Belated Fathers Day to my dad and wonderful husband. They are such great examples to all the children around them. Ty celebrated by golfing earlier in the week so I only got pics of my dad on Fathers Day. And, they are what he does best, reading.

Sugar's favorite thing to do is climb in and on things. The other day she decided she wanted to climb in the bottom oven drawer. There's never anything in there so it's easy for her to open. She likes to put pans and toys in there because it's noisy. I actually think in this pic that my phone is in the drawer too lol.
Memorial Day was lots of fun. We stayed most of the weekend down at my MIL's but we came up for a picnic with my family on Monday.
At Grandma's, Sugar discovered the piano and loves playing it.

We visited Ty's Dad's grave. Sugar was interested in the headstone this time.

While we were down there we went for a four-wheeler ride with Ty's mom and step-dad. It was so much fun. It was Sugar's first time on one and she fell in love right away. She did not want to get off of it.