Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

This is the first real Easter that Sugar has had because we had just moved in and she was a couple weeks old last year. She was excited to get a book and a new stuffed animal. She takes after her parents and loves Reese's! She gets really excited when she sees the wrapper and it was the first thing she pulled out of her basket. I gave her a bite then I handed her the rest of the egg and she shoved the rest of it in her mouth! It was hilarious. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend!

Here's Sugar shoving the egg in her mouth!

Reading her book

Girls' Night

Sugar got scared cause I put her close to the big rabbit. She loves animals but once she gets close to them she freaks out and is very scared of them.

Our little easter bunnies. They were thrilled! lol

I always love when I get to go out with my mom and sisters. We had a fun time yesterday at dinner and walking around a bunch of little shops. It was pretty chilly outside but we were prepared.