Thursday, November 22, 2012


So today is Thanksgiving. Of course we all have a lot to be thankful for. But mostly my top thing is life. Yesterday I went to the Library and on my way there, on a residential street, there was a pretty bad accident with a car upside down and people on stretchers on the ground. I had been really depressed about being away from family for Thanksgiving but instantly I wasn't so depressed anymore. I'd much rather have miles between us versus the veil. We are all happy and healthy and you can look at the positives in any situation.
Today was really special. I'm pretty much done with Christmas shopping (super early for me!) so I've been dying to listen to Christmas music. I refuse to before Thanksgiving, so the first thing I did was put on my favorite Christmas music and my Christmas apron and got to work. Tyhad to work at 4 so we decided to have dinner early. We got multiple offers to eat with other people but we decided to stay with our little family. I knew it'd be weird and probably feel more homesick to be with other families. Plus with Ty working we didn't want to travel and worry about being back on time. I've been sick the last couple of days and by this morning, I had almost lost my voice completely. It made it hard for me to bark orders at request help from Ty, but everything went really well and I thought the food was pretty good. I went pretty simple but did stretch myself to make Ty's mom's sweet potatoes and my mom's gravy. The only thing I regretted was making refrigerated rolls. My sister and MIL always make awesome rolls so I missed that.
I'm sorry my data limit is reached on blogger so I'm not sure what I'll do with posting pictures, but I'll figure it out soon!
Like I said I'm thankful for a lot of things. When I first found out Ty had to work today, I was sad and upset. But today I was thinking, I'm grateful he has to work because I'm grateful he has a job. How many people across the country are unemployed and would jump at the chance to work, even on Thanksgiving, if it meant having a job? I'm so grateful for the experience we had to have Thanksgiving with our own little family. It'll probably be the only time we do it. It  was so special and I felt so much love from across the country. I hope you all enjoyed the time with loved ones and got some yummy food. Whitney told me this was the best Thanksgiving ever and I was very touched. (even if it's the only one she remembers)
How was your holiday?

Halloween and Hobbies

Back at the beginning of October I was feeling a little unfulfilled. Life as a stay at home mom is important, and can be busy but you don't always have something at the end of the day that says "look what I did." I decided to start making hair bows. I knew some basics so I bought a few supplies and got started. It is lots of fun! I especially like that it #1 saves us money and #2 if I need something specific to match an outfit, I can just find matching ribbon and make it myself! I haven't made too many but I'm glad I started it. I made Halloween bows and here are some bows I made for the Utah game:

Now that it's Thanksgiving I guess I should post about Halloween! We had such a crazy day! We went to storytime and trick or treated at the library, lunch with friends, drove in crazy rush hour to pick up Ty from work, dinner with more friends, then trick or treated for real this year! It was a super crazy day but lots of fun. We all slept good that night! I didn't take many pictures I was too busy I guess. :-)