Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Busy Week

Last week we were very busy! The baby turned one month old, sniff sniff. Time goes by so fast! She's been growing like a weed and last saturday she rolled over! I can't keep up with these little ones.

Tummy time!
Ever wonder what happens when a toddler finds hand sanitizer and her mom isn't paying attention? She very proudly told me she was painting the side of the couch. The hand sanitizer is not on the edge of the counter anymore. :-) I can't really get upset when I was on the other end of the couch not paying attention. hahaWe've been having beautiful Spring weather, I've been loving it!
I caught her at the tail end of a smile.
She loves her daddy!
Sugar turned 2 on Sunday. We had her party on Saturday with LOTS of family over. It was Toy Story themed and she had a blast and enjoyed opening many presents. Waiting for Daddy to get home from work so the party can start.
They just look like trouble!

Pap Pap covering Sugar's eyes while we brought her present out. She was struggling quite a bit lol
The big reveal
She knew just what to do! I wanted to get her a kitchen for Christmas, but Santa was a little broke lol but I'm glad we finally got her one. She loves it so much.

She can't reach the top cupboards so we got her a stool.
Eating pizza at the party with her cousin Sam. (Get it, Toy Story, Pizza Planet? :-)

This is my favorite shot from the whole night, my niece trying to take out Whitney's present. I love little kids. There was so much going on, Sugar didn't even care.
Sugar counting out the cash she got from Uncle David
Putting lipstick on Ty (too bad it's plastic)
The weird cake from Harmons. After much thought we realized it's not an ocean and sand, it's space and a desert. Luckily it tasted great!

We made party favor bags for the kids and we had a scavenger hunt to find them. The kids seemed to think it was fun.
The older boys read all the clues
This is Sugar's cousin Desmond. Look how much taller he is than Sugar and he's 5 months younger!
Samantha put the cake frosting all through her hair so we gave the little crazies a bath.
Here is the baby rolling over
Here she is on her actual birthday. She loves her phone!

Eating leftover cake.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Love my Life

Life comes with its ups and downs but I feel very blessed and just take it one day at a time!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sugar Cookies

This week Ty bought me frosting from my favorite bakery and I decided to make cookies to put them on. I let sugar help me decorate them. Don't mind her crazy hair, she had pigtails in the day before.

She sure got a lot of frosting out of the tub, but not that much ever made it on the cookie

Her finished product.
I don't know how it got by her eye
This picture has nothing to do with Sugar cookies, but I just think she's adorable.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Ever wonder what happens to a golfer who has been holed up all winter and still can't get out? This:
He puts on shorts in 40 degree weather and practices his swing outside. (He hit my kitchen light earlier this year, so he can't do his full swing inside the house anymore)
I've never been so excited for Spring. I don't even like this season usually but if Ty doesn't get out soon, he's going to send me to the loony bin. Okay, it's not that bad, but we'll all be happier when golf season is here. (But then I'll probably complain about him being gone golfing all the time. :-) jk
Look at this angel Luckily Sugar has been able to play with her cousins lately. She is doing great with the baby. Occasionally she's a little rough, but she hasn't lashed out at all. She loves when we sing songs and has even started singing some of the words to a few songs. Sugar is expanding her vocabulary daily and we're currently trying to teach her the First Presidency and the Quorum of the 12. So far she knows about 7 of the 15. We have 4 weeks to learn them so she can identify them during conference. :-) She is so much fun and I'm really trying to give her enough stimulation and attention. It is really tough and a hard learning process so far. Hopefully I can start doing a better job balancing everything.
The baby is doing great. At 3 weeks she weighs 10 pounds 9 ounces. Yes a pound up from her birth weight. Obviously she is a great eater. She sleeps well also, I only feel exhausted about every 3 days or so. She has been more alert the last couple days which has been really fun. She tolerates Sugar's loving her well. She almost never cries and when she does, she only cries out once and then she's done. She is such a joy and time is already flying.
Sugar is pretty independent and sometime she comes out of her room with crazy things on. She loves hats recently.
Last week Sugar started putting socks on her hands. I have no idea why but she is obsessed with it and does it all the time, it's hilarious! She still uses her hands like normal.

Enjoy these additional pics:

My little girls all dressed up for church