Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home Improvement

There have been lots of little things I've wanted done around the house since we moved in. Well, for Valentines Day, we went to dinner and then to Home Depot. If anyone knows me, you know I love home improvement stores. Well we were there for quite a long time and thanks to our lovely government tax return, got lots of great stuff. For the past week we've been completing projects and here are some pics:

This is the last step to completing our lovely ceiling fan. This stupid thing should've taken less than 3o minutes to put up. But between me (who is greatly prone to clutziness) and Ty (who is not usually a clutz but happened to be when we did this project) we dropped a screw down into the motor, broke one of the light covers, lost screws, and dropped the base. Needless to say we know the inner workings of the fan and everything works perfectly now. We love it.

Notice the white wall in the background? Yeah well that will be changing soon also! (Shhh! I won't say anything more, updates will come soon!)

I finally got hardware for my kitchen. Ty also got a drill which he has been wanting forever so it was a win-win

We also got a door knob because ours was broken. (Remember the clutziness thing I talked about earlier? Well I'm also forgetful and locked the keys in the house)
Oh and we both got new shoes. :-)
As you can see I'm very excited and HGTV has become one of my favorite channels, so my creative juices have started flowing! Now all I need is my sister, Jen to work her magic and help me put those juices into actual decorations. :-)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Laundry Time

It may take longer, but who wouldn't want to get laundry help from this little cutie :-) Ty was pushing her around the house in the basket and she was having lots of fun. And she did help throw clothes out of the basket.