Friday, February 22, 2013

Love Day

The whole first half of February was filled with very lovely things! At the beginning of the month the girls work up to this note:
Cupid dropped by some treats and fun activities. One of which was heart cookie cutters so we decorated those and dropped them by some neighbors:

Ty had school all day and then worked all night so I was determined to make the day fun with the girls.
On Valentines morning Cupid brought the most exciting thing of all, little toys and Valentines from Mom and Dad:
We did love themed manicures:

Took a walk to rent a movie to watch together.
And then made a heart shaped pizza, complete with heart shaped pepperoni:

They can cause trouble (and clearly make a mess), but they sure do love each other and I was very happy to spend a day of love together.

What kind of lovely things did you do this year?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Birthday Girl

Lindsey just had her 2nd birthday. It was lots of fun and she got spoiled and felt special. We had church on her birthday so she decided to open all her gifts first thing in the morning. Please forgive Whitney's hair in the picture. She was in the middle of getting her hair done when the birthday girl woke up and started opening gifts.
 It only took a couple of minutes and here's the aftermath:
 She loved her big baby that's basically as big as she is:

 I attempted a first and made her birthday cake. As you can see, not too professional and it was my first time decorating a cake, I hadn't practiced or anything so don't judge too harshly!
 On a whim I decided to do a zebra print cake. Yes, I know they are black and not purple, but I only had purple food coloring and I didn't want to use a chocolate cake because we didn't need two cakes made.
 She insisted on going to bed with many of her new toys, not sure where she fit :-)
I just love this little girl. She is so sweet but also keeps me on my toes! I'm very grateful for her and the addition she is to our family.