Sunday, July 18, 2010


Each summer we go to the same rodeo down south. This was our fourth year going and it is so much fun to have our own little family reunion. We were lucky enough to have my sister, Wendy and brother, David come with us. Sadly afterwards I realized I have no pics of David. Sorry! Anyway, it was lots of fun. We went bowling beforehand and then ate at a local diner down there. The rodeo was way fun. The clown wasn't as good as last year, but they had professional motocross racers and they did some awesome tricks!

I know the cowboy and horse are kinda small in this picture, but I love the cowboy hat flying in the picture! You gotta love the saddle broncs

Every year they have a the American Flag brought in by a sky diver. This year the parachute was an army one and I think I captured it pretty well in this picture:

We couldn't get a babysitter because MIL was out of town and other family was busy so we took Sugar with us. She got tired of sitting and needless to say, we wont be taking her again until she is much older!

We wanted to get a picture of Sugar on the horse with the rodeo queen, but of course she was being stubborn and didn't want to get any closer to the horse.

We had a great trip down!

Cowgirl Sugar

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Indpendence Day!

We had a great bbq at my parent's house today. We celebrated with fireworks in their circle. It was lots of fun to spend time with the family that's here.
Fireworks in the circle.
David lighting the Grand Finale
Sugar eating a watch

Jen's awesome dessert at the bbq today
Yesterday we went to the parade in my almsot hometown. We go every year and it's not the 4th of July if we don't go there. My nephew was in it and so that was fun to see him. I feel like my love of our wonderful country grows as I get older and I enjoy this holiday more every year. I'm so grateful for the freedoms that I have and for those who have worked so hard for us to have them. Anyway, enjoy the pics from our fun day!

Sugar waving to the people in the parade

Hanging out at the parade
Dad feeding Sugar bugles
The best pic of the babies from the whole day. They don't usually sit still. Sugar kinda looks like a boy but oh well. haha
There was a dog across the street and Rosebud kept trying to call it over lol. It was so funny
Our 4th of July family :-)