Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Bugs!

Today is my nephew's birthday. I can't believe how old he is! Time flies. I just want him to know how special and awesome he is to me. He's so much fun to be around. (Jen please show this to him ;-) Happy Birthday!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crazy Saturday

Saturday was very hectic for me. I had a final in the morning, then I ran to Steph's shower, then we went to the game, then I went to see Twilight with my sisters. I liked it a lot better than I thought I would. I thought I would totally hate it and wasn't expecting much so that's probably why I liked it. I don't like the actor that plays Edward though. Sorry for those of you like him! I'm not going to rub anything in but the game was very exciting to be at!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holy War

In honor of the big game this Saturday I decided to finally post some pictures from the TCU game that was a couple weeks ago. We were down the whole game and we scored with like a minute left in the game or something. It was really exciting. The whole stadium was dressed in black so that was pretty cool. I hope I'm just as happy when the game ends on Saturday as I was for this game. I'll be a good sport no matter what. I promise. ;-)

Awesome black uniforms
Yes, he actually wore that wig. I had nothing to do with it :-)
Here's Ash and I after the game
Everyone storming the field like we just won the national championship lol
Final score of a very exciting game!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I cheated

Guess what...this is actually my 100th post. I accidentally deleted a post earlier today and then I posted my last one. So, yeah I'm retarded. lol I'll blame it on the crazy pregnant brain of mine. lol But at least now I can say I have 100 posts.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

100th Post

Ha Ha In honor of my 100th post I'm listing 100 things about me.

1. I hate pickles, even just the smell of them makes me sick.
2. I love watching college football.
3. When someone tells me I can't do something, it just makes me want to prove them wrong.
4. I hate talking to people I don't know.
5. We're expecting our first baby, a girl, at the end of February.
6. I turn 21 in 70 days.
7. Christmas is in 38 days and I haven't begun to shop or even thought about what to buy.
8. I only like snow before January 1st.
9. Watching movies and cuddling is one of my favorite things to do.
10. I'm halfway done with college.
11. When I got married I went from having 4 nieces and nephews to having 18!
12. I'm a daddy's little girl.
13. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my hubby and family.
14. My second favorite would probably be clothes shopping.
15. I used to be able to say all 50 states and capitals in alphabetical order in under 3 minutes.
16. I'm totally obsessed with everything about England but I've never been there.
17. I'm four years younger than my husband.
18. I've only had 2 official jobs my whole life.
19. One goal of mine is to be able to sew.
20. I call my mom at pretty much the exact same time every single day
21. I wish I had blue eyes.
22. Growing up I always wished I lived on a farm and my husband grew up on one.
23. My favorite animal is a bear.
24. I have fed a lamb from a bottle. And it was awesome.
25. I love learning random facts and I can always remember them better than the things that actually matter that and that I need to remember.
26. Sometimes when hubby and I are driving we'll play a game where you have to read all the road signs out loud but you have to sing what it says.
27. I love riding 4 wheelers but so sad that I can't anymore. (cause of the baby)
28. There was a lady bug on my desk at work this morning.
29. I love to listen to people with accents talk.
30. I took first in the spelling bee in 1st and 2nd grade.
31. In 6th grade I took second in the school spelling bee to a 4th grader.
32. I am totally tune deaf but love belting out songs when I'm by myself or with Wendy in the car
33. I hardly ever cook dinner.
34. I think my mom and sisters cooking is the best and no one else can compare.
35. I love watching cartoons. Disney classics are the best!
36. I think TLC is the best channel ever!
37. To me, college football is the best thing ever invented.
38. I don't think Joe Paterno should ever retire, even if he has to watch all the games from the press box.
39. My idea of the best date night is going to Olive Garden then cuddling during a good movie.
40. My niece is one of my favorite people to spend time with.
41. My dad makes the best pancakes. Even if you use the same brand mix, they never turn out the same.
42. I'm petrified to become a mother.
43. I listen to the 97.1 morning show every morning.
44. Sometimes I fall asleep in church. :-/
45. I will be certified in first aid in December.
46. I don't mind doing laundry.
47. I think birthdays should be a big deal no matter how old you are and I will buy myself a store bought cake til I die if I have to.
48. I love oreos and milk. When I eat them I put a fork in the creme part and then dip it in the milk. Very yummy. (I just went and ate some)
49. I think nintendo was invented to make mothers and wives upset.
50. I don't like going to Wal-mart.
51. We were sealed in the Manti temple.
52. I've never seen any Indiana Jones or James Bond movies.
53. I hate wearing shoes and I would be just fine walking around barefoot all the time.
54. JIF is the ONLY peanut butter that I will buy for myself. Nothing else compares.
55. Pancakes were meant to be eaten with Jif peanut butter on them.
56. I never got to meet my father-in-law.
57. I shook the prophet, President Hunter's hand.
58. I love eating fruit snacks.
59. I have naturally curly hair but I straighten it now almost everyday.
60. We bought our laptop for $50!
61. I absolutely hate driving. Especially in traffic. And yes, I drive for over 2 hours everyday.
62. I love the whole month of December and all the family traditions that we have.
63. I went to NYC with my older brother in 2005 and it was awesome!
64. I hope to be a stay-at-home mom while my kids grow up.
65. I didn't dye my hair until I was almost 19 years old.
66. Maple donuts from Reams are the best treat ever!
67. I have an obsession with food.
68. I hate watching people open up presents that I give them.
69. I don't want to ever drive a mini van.
70. I'm always in charge of the radio.
71. I have the best looking husband ever!
72. I wish make up was never invented. And I hate that I feel like I am expected to wear it.
73. I feel very naive when it comes to things in the outside world.
74. I'm terrible at doing hair, including my own.
75. In high school I drove a full size van.
76. I love playing with babies. Especially chubby ones.
77. My dad is the hardest worker I've ever seen.
78. I'm terrified of spiders.
79. I love family dinners at my mom and dad's house.
80. I walk at least 40 minutes a day up at school.
81. I really dislike the school down south and I hope we kill them on Saturday to be honest.
82. I really would like a house but I would have no idea how to decorate it. (good thing my sister lives close)
83. Not many people have ever even heard of my favorite movie.
84. I played soccer for my junior high.
85. I think college football rankings are really dumb.
86. I love to read novels and my dad always gives me a hard time for reading and not studying.
87. I would love to have an Alaskan Husky and I think they're the cutest dogs ever.
88. My favorite show is What Not To Wear. And Clinton is not gay.
89. I don't understand why guys think that a game on their play station is real. This is directly from my hubby about five seconds ago "babe, it's tied at 5 in the eleventh inning!"
90. I love Utah but I don't think they are as good as everyone else does. And don't tell hubby but I think they'd lose if they played any real teams.
91. I will only eat toast if it's barely barely golden.
92. I rode on a motorcycle for the first time this year.
93. I almost always have candy with me.
94. I don't think I could ever move more than about an hour away from my parents.
95. We live with two schnauzers.
96. I hate mayonnaise/miracle whip.
97. I cannot function without my cell phone.
98. I refuse to listen to Christmas music on the radio before Thanksgiving.
99. I have worn glasses/contacts since sixth grade.
100. It was very hard for me to make this list!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


So I discovered a new obsession of mine and sadly for my husband also. Baby clothes. We went to Ross today because I am tired of having four comfortable shirts. :-) But we decided to go to the infant clothes. We picked up so much stuff. It is so addicting to pick out clothes for a little baby. So we forced ourselves to put back all the stuff except one so we picked these. It was just so exciting to pick out the clothes. It made it feel more real that she's coming. Luckily payday is this week so next time we go we can get more stuff.

Halloween Fun

I stopped at my sister's work at her party. My shirt says there's a monster inside waiting to get out. :-) I found it in the little boys section at Target. Awesome huh
This is the cake I took to my work party. It was pretty creepy huh. :-)

After work we went to Ty's nephew's first playoff game. They killed their opponent so that was fun. After that, we went to my mom's to see my nephews and niece. They looked so cute. Here is my nephew a little tired from all the sugar and fun of the day.