Tuesday, September 23, 2008


First off...I just wanted to tell my Brother-in-law Nic Happy Birthday! I hope his day is splendid. Secondly I just wanted to tell my sister Jen thanks. I got out of practice at 7 this morning and didn't have class til 10:45. Since she lives right by the school I went to her house and slept for two hours. It was just what I needed!!! Then we talked til I had to leave. My favorite thing to do with her is talk. She's awesome at listening and giving advice. It was just great. Plus, she makes the best homemade jam EVER!!! So, I got to eat there too. :-) So thanks for helping my morning. Love ya

Thursday, September 18, 2008

For my sister!!! Yes, my sister is having a girl. lol I bet I fooled some of you!!! We can't find out for at least a month. If we decide to find out. Anyway, I just wanted to tell her congrats and I'm so happy and excited! I know her boys are thrilled. They were so excited when they found out :-) Also a belated:

Friday, September 12, 2008

Everything going good

Wow how the weeks are flying by! It's a good thing and a bad thing. It's nice to have time going by quickly but it isn't very effective to do homework when you get home at eight and fall asleep at eight thirty. :-) Everything is going well. Thanks to Steph, work is better because she told me about tvshack.net and it has tons more episodes of the office from all 4 seasons!!! Hope you all are having a lovely day!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Tagged by Jen...

3 Joys...
-spending time with family
-eating junk food
3 Fears...
-losing my baby
-losing my husband
-getting attacked
3 obsessions...
-keeping my desk clean and organized at work
-watching TLC
3 surprising facts...
-I'm pregnant at the same time as my oldest sister
-I have never eaten a salad
-I've never been to California
3 tags...
Steph, Doris, Angela

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Utah Man am I

So guess what Saturday is...that's right. The first home football game. I got our tickets and t-shirts today. We're official members of the Mighty Utah Student Section this year. We're super excited. Jen and Wendy please don't puke on your screen :-) Anyway, I'm just happy and can't wait to see how this season turns out! Woo Hoo! Go UTES! In case you wanted the chorus to our fight song:
Who am I, sir? A Utah man am I A Utah man, sir, and will be till I die;
We're up to snuff; we never bluff,
We're game for any fuss,
No other gang of college men dare meet us in the muss.
So fill your lungs and sing it out and
shout it to the sky,
We'll fight for dear old Crimson,
for a Utah man am I.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Office Joy

Every weekday I work for 4 hours. My job is VERY easy. I pretty much file and do mailings. I do get bored because my desk is by no one. So, instead of listening to music I listen to episodes of the office. :-) I don't watch them, just listen. (I've already seen them so I know what's going on when I listen) On www.nbc.com/theoffice they have full episodes online. Well, up until last week they only had 4 episodes from season 4 available online. So, everyday I would listen to all 4 episodes, I pretty much have them memorized. :-) I got into work today and pulled up the website and guess what... there's 4 new episodes!!! Yay!!! Even though I've already seen them, I can take the next two weeks memorizing these lines. I like to make my sisters laugh with the quotes. lol I'm a dork. Anyway, it just made my day and I was really excited!


So, my younger just went to Iowa for school. He's just getting used to college life. Sunday night he's lots of pain and turns out he takes himself to the hospital in the middle of the night and needed an appendectomy. So I just want him to know that I love him and I've been thinking and praying for him. Kinda scary! Good thing he's so tough. :-)