Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fun

On Sunday my sister and I decided to do a Halloween dessert. We made candy corn sugar cookie bars.
Aren't they cute?!
My awesome BIL is modeling this one for me.
We took Nemo and Cinderella to Carl's Jr and got their free fries for being in costume. I also tried my first Western Bacon Burger. I'm sold!
Sorry this picture is out of order but we went to my niece and nephew's Halloween parade this morning. Don't you love my little Nemo and Squirt the sea turtle?
This was Whit's first trick or treating experience. She was a little terrified of people dressed up but I think she had fun going to the few houses we did.
This awesome lady in our ward also gave Whit a pumpkin from her garden, so she was pretty excited to go to her house.
Thanks to the barking dog we got candy over the fence. :-)
We had such a fun day today, Whit was so awesome. I love Halloween! How was your holiday?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This morning we moved to my Mom and Dad's and tonight we went to their neighborhood trunk or treat. Whit was super excited! And she makes a very cute Nemo I think. :-)
Lindsey was squirt the sea turtle from Finding Nemo:

Hunting for candy with the cousins:

Here's my parents and all the grandkids. For their trunk they dressed up as Penn State tailgaters heehee:
Overall it has been a very long day, but that post will need to wait! I love this holiday, although I don't love dressing up. It's probably because of the time of year and of course the candy. :-) Hope you all have a very sweet and spook-filled Halloween!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Little Girl

Well, I realized it's been forever since I posted anything about my not so little baby. She turned 8 months old on Monday. She has two teeth and is currently getting more. She is the sweetest little girl, and loves to cuddle with her mommy. She knows how to wave, but wont do it on command. She loves to clap and dance to music, or any rhythm for that matter! She is cruising all over the furniture and crawling everywhere! I am enjoying every stage that she goes through, although I forgot how much they get into everything at this age! Lindsey loves to play with her sister and will give anyone and everyone a smile. She is the opposite of Whit in many ways, so everyday is an adventure. As you can see in the picture, her costume came in the mail today so we were trying it on. :-) My favorite thing about her is that she can make me smile no matter what.

What made you smile today?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crazy 36 hours!

***Caution: Long Post***
Well, things have been in a whirlwind around here. Ty wants to go to school out of state in January, so the biggest dilemma is renting our condo. We thought with the economy so bad right now and houses going for so cheap, that it would take awhile to get someone to rent. Since sometimes I'm not very motivated, I made a goal to get the condo posted on the classifieds by the end of this week. Something came over me and I decided to be uber productive yesterday. I totally cleaned the whole place, took pictures, and posted the condo. I felt very accomplished. Well, we got our first call within hours of posting it! She made an appointment to come visit tonight.

I had lots of plans to finish deep cleaning today, and get everything else done and then go get my flu shot at Ty's work (free clinic through insurance). Well, Ty missed his ride this morning, so I had to pack up the girlies and take him to work at 6:30 (very early for me who normally gets out of bed between 8-9). So the bug that bit me yesterday couldn't wake up so early this morning and all I got accomplished before flu shots was getting myself ready and keeping the monsters from destroying my clean house. I got my shot and to avoid having to drive to Ty's work 3 times in one day, I decided to kill time in town and run errands. The girls took a nap and then we went shopping and we found this awesome find at a goodwill store and Whit got a riding horse:

I had more hour to kill and one more store to hit. I was just driving down the road the light turned yellow and I decided to go through the light. Well, bad decision because this happened:

An 18 year-old in a pick-up turned left at the same and hit my front fender. I'm fine and so are the girls. The kid thought it was my fault and I thought it was his, so we called the cops and an officer came to give the kid a citation. (I knew I was right) Hopefully everything will get sorted out quickly with the insurance so I can get my baby fixed. (the car, not Linds :-)

Well, as crazy as the afternoon was, we still had an appointment to show the condo so we cautiously drove home and finished up cleaning. Well, it turns out that the potential renter's mom is in our ward! Everything went great and she is ready to move in the first of November! How is it possible to feel relieved and super stressed at the same time?!

I may have a breakdown soon, okay I will have a breakdown soon but everything will go fine. I'm grateful for little things that make me feel a little better. Like my sister's post, a loving husband, and helpful parents. I feel very blessed that no one was injured to day and one major stress of moving is taken care of. I know we have a long way to go, but I just need a good night's rest to get a recharge. :-) What a day!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Meal Planning

I've been planning all day for a major shopping trip and here are our meals for the next two weeks. I'm not sure when we are going to have what but this is what I have to choose from:

-Meatball Sandwiches
-Chicken pasta primavera
-Crunchy onion chicken and twice baked potatoes
-Hamburger Helper or Velveeta skillet dinner
-Taco Soup
-Chicken broccoli casserole
-Cold cut hoagies
-Chicken alfredo

So...what's for dinner at your house?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So this time I tried a "headband" It was actually super easy. Don't look too closely because it isn't perfectly straight. :-) I really liked this because I have a real problem with Whit's bangs getting in her face and I don't love cutting them, and this works well no matter how short the hair is. At first I tried it with a side ponytail, but because her hair isn't that long it started falling out in the back. I decided to leave it down and curly. I think you could do anything with it though. I'm really liking this new adventure, and Whit does really great being my guinea pig. :-)
Here it is from the top:
Here it is from the front with the ponytail:
Here it is with her hair curly (sorry about the tv in the background):

Welcome Fall!

This is the view from our balcony this morning! I'm very excited to see the overcast weather and below 70 degrees for the temperature! I love this weather and I open my windows just so I have an excuse to put a hoodie on. I'm just trying to enjoy this 3 seconds of fall before it turns to winter and snows tonight. :-)

Monday, October 3, 2011

First Attempt

So I decided to try this hairdo from the blog I posted about yesterday. I took these pictures after we had been out for a few hours. It was right before bedtime, so it was a little difficult for the 2 year old to hold still. :-) It took a little bit of time to get it done, but luckily we have a personal dvd player to keep her attention while I did it. I know it isn't close to perfect, but I'm a work in progress! Let me know if you try any new hairdos for your little girls! Sidenote to my sister Jen: you better keep your girls away from me, because with how much hair they have, I will definitely be trying new things when I see them. heehee
Here is the front:
Here is the back:She threw herself onto her bed face down and it was a good position to see the back again haha:And this is the first picture I took with her looking like a monster and I had to post it because she makes me laugh:

Saturday, October 1, 2011


So, now that Whit is getting more hair, I enjoy trying new things. I decided since I'm not creative at all I would search for some online. Well, I found this blog and there are some way cute ideas! I definitely recommend if you have a little girl to go and check it out. Her little girl has quite a bit of hair, but she says you can simplify them to make them work for different types of hair. Go check it out!