Friday, June 26, 2009

The Real Farewell

We said goodbye to Matt on Tuesday night. :-( My mom got her first letter today and it sounds like he's doing pretty good. Excited to be learning so much of course. Anyway, we're so happy he's out doing the Lord's work but so sad to see him gone. What a handsome missionary!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm bringin it!

Okay, I'm gonna admit some weaknesses in this post. I've been struggling to lose the last half of my pregnancy weight. 20 lbs to go :-( Don't judge, everyone is different lol. My brother Matt started this workout system awhile back called P90X. It's a 90 day intense program. You may have seen it on tv. I have done a couple of the workouts with him in the past. Since he leaves for his mission on Wednesday I asked him if Ty and I could borrow it while he's gone. Well, yesterday he gave it to us along with all the equipment needed and these worksheets he made up to track our progress. We did the first workout today and I'm regretting it already lol. I was sweating and dying in the warm up! I had to use the easy modifications but it felt great to get moving again. Today involved a lot of push-ups. I cheated and did girl push-ups but now my knees have really bad carpet burn. :-( I will track some of my progress on here and hopefully I'll see good results. I wont post my before pictures cause I'm sure you don't want to puke lol. We have to work out 6 nights a week, so it's quite the committment, but I really want to get healthy! We'll see how it goes. Hopefully once Matt gets home I'll be half the girl I am today. lol :-)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sugar's doctor said she needs vitamin D supplements. She doesn't like the taste of the vitamins so I mix it with apple juice. It's fun giving her a bottle for a change. She likes to hold onto the bottle and earlier she held it up by herself and I just thought she looked cute so I took pictures. :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009


Yesterday my brother gave his missionary farewell talk. He did so great. It was funny and spiritual. Even though it rained really bad there was a good turnout of friends and family. My Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dennis came down from Wyoming. It was awesome to see them. We had a fun gathering at my parents after church. The food and company were really great. We're so excited for Matt, he'll do so great in Mozambique.

New Baby!

This is the newest little peanut in the family. She was born on Thursday the 11th, 8 lbs 7 oz. 21 inches long. We're so excited and she gets cuter everyday!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Sugar isn't used to that many toys in one place. :-) But she liked looking at all them and batted at a few. She seems to like it but in time she'll like it more! And I'll be able to get things done now lol

Monday, June 8, 2009


Ever since the Fisher Price Precious Planet collection came out this year I have been totally in love with every product. It's so cute! Well, when I discovered it I already had Sugar's bedding and everything. Since it's new everything is expensive and you can't find anything used yet. Well, I discovered this jumperoo which is perfect for Sugar right now. I decided to splurge and I got it. I just put it together with Wend and can't wait til Sugar wakes up so we can try it! I'll post more pics tomorrow.

I also found a new love. It's a secondhand kids store. I went there looking for black onesies for a family picture and found some but also found lots of other cute stuff for super cheap. I'm just excited. I'm a sucker for jumpers. :-) And have you ever seen anything cuter than those little shoes?!

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Little Sugar

The closest thing to a smile caught on camera. :-)