Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Office Joy

Every weekday I work for 4 hours. My job is VERY easy. I pretty much file and do mailings. I do get bored because my desk is by no one. So, instead of listening to music I listen to episodes of the office. :-) I don't watch them, just listen. (I've already seen them so I know what's going on when I listen) On www.nbc.com/theoffice they have full episodes online. Well, up until last week they only had 4 episodes from season 4 available online. So, everyday I would listen to all 4 episodes, I pretty much have them memorized. :-) I got into work today and pulled up the website and guess what... there's 4 new episodes!!! Yay!!! Even though I've already seen them, I can take the next two weeks memorizing these lines. I like to make my sisters laugh with the quotes. lol I'm a dork. Anyway, it just made my day and I was really excited!


Pj.steph said...

Check out tvshack.net I'll bet a ton more episodes are on there

Doris said...

We should go see Dwight in The Rocker. Funny stuff.

Adiel said...

I love that you listen to them, Too funny!