Monday, November 3, 2008


So I discovered a new obsession of mine and sadly for my husband also. Baby clothes. We went to Ross today because I am tired of having four comfortable shirts. :-) But we decided to go to the infant clothes. We picked up so much stuff. It is so addicting to pick out clothes for a little baby. So we forced ourselves to put back all the stuff except one so we picked these. It was just so exciting to pick out the clothes. It made it feel more real that she's coming. Luckily payday is this week so next time we go we can get more stuff.


Adiel said...

Hey, I just bought my sister some baby stuff at eBay.

Nic said...

You need to get her something Red. GO UTES!

Momberger said...

Who doesn't love to shop for baby clothes!? I know I sure do and I dont even have one yet!