Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wonderful Husband

I would truly be ungrateful if I didn't thank my wonderful husband today. You'd think that this being my fifth time taking college finals that I would know how to handle everything. Well, I'm not quite that great yet. Time has flown since Thanksgiving! I wrote about 30 pages total in the last week and a half and I had a family Christmas party to get ready for. It's just been crazy for me lately. Well, I had a final yesterday, one today, and one tomorrow. Well, Ty has been nothing but nice to me lately. I've been mean and stressed and emotional and he has handled it so well. He just lets me do what I want and I'm so grateful that he is there for me. Today he drove to Orem just to get something for my mom because I mentioned to him that she really needed it. He is so thoughtful and works so hard to provide for me. I just want him to know how amazing he is and I love him so much.

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Pj.steph said...

Well... you are pregnant... :) So good thing he is being a nice husband! Good job Tyler! You rock Jess's socks.