Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun Family Night

So, tonight for FHE we decided to get stuff for our 2nd bathroom. We've been looking at various places and haven't found anything we loved. Well, we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond tonight and found this set. We totally love it! I cannot wait til we can put it in the condo! I'm getting so anxious to move in. Right now they're installing carpet, countertops, and painting. Then we'll have to wait til the loan closes. Who knew it took so long to buy something! I'm really trying to be patient. It will probably be ready the day the baby comes. :-) Just our luck.


Jen said...

I really like it! It's masculine but still cute.

Juan And Caitlin said...

WAY WAY WAY cute.. I love that!!! Not to mention I would love seeing a post that you introduced a sweet baby into this world sometime soon, although I'm sure you can't wait for that either.. It's been a long pregnancy for you..