Saturday, May 23, 2009

Driving Range

Ty "showing his spikes" (new term I learned today)

Oh yeah I'm awesome.

This is one of my first tries. The huge divot is where I hit and the ball is where I was supposed to hit! lol

So if you know my husband at all, you know his third love (after me and the baby), golf. He's completely obsessed. He doesn't go nearly as often as he'd like and he's always trying to talk me into learning. Well, i don't like to look like a complete idiot so I always turn him down. I've been to the driving range once, for a prom activity my senior year. I decided to humor him and go to the driving range. Good thing he's patient with me and a good teacher. :-) I was absolutely horrendous. It's a lot harder than it looks 3/4 of the time I missed the ball! I think I'll go again and see if I start doing any better but it was good to spend time together and see Ty so happy to be golfing with me.

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