Friday, October 2, 2009

Oh my

Sugar has really been fighting sleep lately. I used to be able to just put her in her crib and she would go to sleep. For some reason this week we've had to rock her and try a million different things before she'll go to sleep. Well earlier today, she was really tired and sitting next to me. Her eyes got heavier and heavier, then soon her head was on my chest and she was sleeping. Well, tonight I was taking a test online so hubby got the lovely job of putting her to sleep. She was screaming for awhile and then I walked into our room to this:

She did the same thing as earlier. Just passed out sitting up cause she was so tired! She is such a cutie. (sorry my bedding was in the wash. That's why there's nothing on the bed)My puppy:

So, Sugar puts everything in her mouth. Honestly she is like a puppy. She'll chew on shoes, socks, water bottles, anything. Her favorite thing to try to eat is paper. She loves junk mail and any paper. I usually keep a pretty good eye on her and have to take pieces out of her mouth all the time. The other day I was changing her diaper and guess what I found. A little piece of paper in her poop! I guess I'll have to watch the puppy a little better! :-)

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Kelli Searle said...

That is so awesome Jess! (about the paper in the poop I mean!) LOL! I hope school is going well for you! :)