Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fun Farm Weekend

Last weekend we went down to the farm and to visit Ty's mom and brother. We had lots of fun. Sugar has been learning lots of animals and animal sounds, so we decided to let her see them in person. She really liked seeing them, except when they would get close to her face. Then she gets scared. I really love going down there. I love seeing the animals and feeling peace and quiet away from the city.
Sugar being goofy in Taner's hat she tries to take it off so I had to hold her arms down for the picture
We saw these buffalo in with the cows. I didn't know they could live together, but looks like they make pretty cool pets!
Sugar was being leary of the horses. We tried to get her to feed them, but she wasn't havin' that.
If you say "So Big" or "Put your Arms Up" She'll do it. She also will pull her hair if you ask her where her pretty hair is. :-)
She discovered the piano and tried to help Natalie play. :-) She thought it was really cool that she could make noise with it.
Sugar really liked watching Ty's cousins feed the bummer lambs

This was a little too close for her liking but luckily Taner was there to save her


Jen said...

Awesome pics. I think you should tell Trent to give you a good deal on the farm :)

Jorgensen Family said...

It was fun to have you down here!!
We love seeing animals with you gyus.

Ashley said...

You actually saw "Bison" in with the cows..not Buffalo ;) LOL!