Sunday, August 22, 2010


There's nothing really new to report going on at our house lately. Everyday is basically the same. I decided to post some pictures of Sugar doing what she does during the day. Ignore the mess in the house.
We wake up just in time for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so she watches that during breakfast.

Reading and sitting at her own little "desk"
Sugar's favorite thing to play with is keys. She can't play with ours or she'll set off the alarm. So we took old real keys and made her her own set. She'll put them in the door jam and pretend she is unlocking the door. It is so funny!
Anything with a handle, she'll put on her arm. Then she grabs her keys and walks toward the door waving until you tell her goodbye. :-) She is getting so smart and comprehending so much more everyday.


Jen said...

She is hilarious!

Ashley said...

So cute, love those pics! She is such a character!

Momberger said...

She is an absolute DOLL! Good going Jess!!

Jorgensen Family said...

She is so cute. She is getting so big. It is funny what she does?