Thursday, December 9, 2010

Meeting Santa

So, yesterday was Ty's work party. Santa comes and gives all the kids gifts, which is awesome. I tried talking it up to Sugar for like a week. I told her that she got to sit on Santa's lap and he'd give her a toy. Well, as soon as we walked in and she saw him, she started protesting and crying. I figured we'd just get it over with. We sat her down and the photographer wasn't paying attention so we had to torture her twice! I felt kinda bad, but she was okay after. I even let her keep her Ernie doll, but that made no difference lol. She was super thrilled with her toy though. It's a tea set and she's been playing with in non-stop since we got home.

There was also a clown there making balloon animals. I've never seen such cool stuff. He made sugar a flower, but then she saw someone else had a frog and she wouldn't stop asking so we got her one made. It's pretty awesome. (Ignore my double chin in the picture please)


Kimmy said...

I still want to see the picture from last years christmas party

Jorgensen Family said...

Thats awesome. I am surpised she was scared of Santa. Have a good christmas