Thursday, April 28, 2011

What we're doing

I apologize about the post that was up for a few days. I upload pictures to send to my brother on his mission and I was going to add text to explain all the pictures, but somehow it got posted. Sorry! Everything is going great around our house. I'm really beginning to feel like my sister Jen. I crave my normal everyday schedule! I feel it's very essential for me to get anything done.
The baby got blessed a few weeks ago. We were so happy to have all the family support! Today she is 11 weeks old! Time is flying.
Sugar is doing good. Expanding her vocabulary (and attitude) everyday.
Ty is golfing any spare second he has (and when the weather cooperates).
Hope you're all doing well!

As a side note, my sister makes amazing cakes, if you need cupcakes for anything check out this first! :-)

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