Friday, June 15, 2012


Last week we got offered 2 tickets to Legoland from an awesome couple that used to be in our ward. He got them at work and has already been so he thought we'd enjoy them more. Of course we jumped at the chance to go. I've been wanting to see what the fuss was about and who is going to complain about saving that much money, right? Well, Ty has late class on Thursdays so we decided to go today. Whitney was a little confused as to what it was and just kept asking when we are going to Disneyland. Once we got in and started exploring, she had tons of fun. Ty had to leave to go to class so we missed riding a few rides, but we had fun on the ones we could go on. I should probably preface that we have no legos in our house. We have one bag of mega bloks and that's it. So, my girls haven't had much exposure to them, but I think they are awesome. I really loved seeing everything they could do with them.
Can't you tell how excited they are to go inside? :-)

There are lots of places that you can play and build. Lindsey decided to be a helper and just kept bringing this kid more legos. She'd come pick one from the bucket then take it to him. He just said thanks and added it to his sculpture. It was hilarious.

A picture on the map had kids riding go carts and Whitney kept asking if she could ride. I didn't think she'd be able to, but they have a track for 3-5 year olds! You have to steer and push on the pedal. Needless to say she made it about ten feet. The whole time.
Afterwards she said, "I just kept bumping into stuff!"

The safari ride was her favorite.

Lego Harry Potter and Hagrid

Playing in the Duplo Village

All of the statues/sculptures were incredible. I mean we are talking hundreds of thousands of legos just in this elephant. So awesome!

The Sydney Opera House was one of my favorite things. I think because I just finished watching Dance Academy haha

The Statue of Liberty with the Freedom Tower in the background. We took a boat tour to see all this stuff, so that was cool.
I found my dream home in a lego version. Now, how do I become one of the cute mini figures? :-)
The Star Wars part of the park was one of my favorite places to see. (And I'm not even a huge Star Wars fan) It was just cool to see actual scenes from movies made from legos.

Come on, have you seen a cuter ewok? And you thought the ones from the movie were cute!

Minitown was pretty cool. Ty like the mini Las Vegas.

The mini Washington DC was so awesome. I wish my sisters could see it. Here are the girls in front of the Washington Monument. Look in the background at the White House! So awesome, right?!

I promise that Lindsey did enjoy herself. I don't know why she looks grumpy in every picture. This statue reminded me of the water fountains at the Hogle Zoo.

Honest Abe

Included in the free ticket was admission to the Aquarium. Remember we went to a huge aquarium a month ago, so it wasn't that great in comparison. But, the Aquarium of the Pacific did not have lego scuba divers and submarines. heehee In this pic you can see a blurry ray swimming past. There were lots of sharks so the girls liked that.
All in all, we had a really fun time. It's definitely geared to older kids than mine, but there's plenty for the little ones to do. The girls loved it and weren't happy about leaving. I'm so glad and grateful that we got to go!
What adventures have you been up to lately?


Wendy said...

That Sydney Opera House is INCREDIBLE :)

Contact: Ashley Mills said...

So basicaly you guys do awesome stuff everyday! You are going to love Carson City ;)

Jen said...

You silly. You ARE a mini figure.