Monday, June 8, 2009


Ever since the Fisher Price Precious Planet collection came out this year I have been totally in love with every product. It's so cute! Well, when I discovered it I already had Sugar's bedding and everything. Since it's new everything is expensive and you can't find anything used yet. Well, I discovered this jumperoo which is perfect for Sugar right now. I decided to splurge and I got it. I just put it together with Wend and can't wait til Sugar wakes up so we can try it! I'll post more pics tomorrow.

I also found a new love. It's a secondhand kids store. I went there looking for black onesies for a family picture and found some but also found lots of other cute stuff for super cheap. I'm just excited. I'm a sucker for jumpers. :-) And have you ever seen anything cuter than those little shoes?!


Jen said...

It's very cute. Glad you got what you wanted, even if you are a little obsessive :)

Doris said...

Wow! Cute, she will be the best dressed baby on the block!