Monday, July 27, 2009

So, Sugar doesn't like to sleep on her back anymore. Now, it's only her side or stomach. I thought she looked cute with her little bum sticking up into the air. Notice the thighs. They doubled in size this week. :-)
My 2 sweeties taking a nap at grandmas on Pioneer Day.
So the second time we took Sugar swimming, she loved it! And we've been 2 more times since then! I bought a baby floating and she was in it like normal, but then I switched her so she was just lounging in it. lol I thought she looked cute. I'm glad she likes swimming now cause it feels so great to escape from the heat!
Sugar tries to eat anything and everything that's by her mouth at all. This is her trying to grab the camera so she can eat it. :-)


Jen said...

Love the bum in the air.

Ashley said...

I love those pics!!