Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My sister and 4 of her kids and my brother came down to swim at our condo. It was lots of fun and I hope we do it again soon. Sugar hated the water! She loves baths but I guess the pool was too cold for her. She screamed and screamed! I did manage to capture her being pleasant though. :-)We took my niece down to the farm so she could ride a horse on Friday. Saying that she loves horses is an understatement. Almost every toy she plays with or movie she watches has something to do with horses. She was so excited seeing all the horses on our way down to the farm and loved riding. She even got to hold the reigns (is that spelled right?) a little bit and she really liked that.

After we left the farm we got to go to the Ute Stampede. It's becoming a tradition for Ty and I to go down. This was our 3rd year going. We always love it. Almost my whole family came down so it was lots of fun to be with everyone.

My niece and nephews had so much fun. This was my niece's first time at a rodeo. Any time a horse would leave the arena she would ask "Do you think we'll see another horse?" lol She was so captivated the whole time as you can see in the picture.
We've been pretty busy and having a great time. Getting excited for another nephew coming in about 5 weeks!


Kelli Searle said...

I love the pic with David holding your little one. She is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!

Annie said...

Wait. Who is pregnant?

jess said...

Tyler's sister in law is pregnant

Tiffany Jorgensen said...

Look's like you guys had a lot of fun on Friday. A very busy one for that matter. I still can't beleive Whitney is 4 months already. She is so cute:)

Ryan & Amanda said...

Hi, my husband Ryan and Tyler served their missions together so Tyler gave us the link to your blog, hope that is okay. Your little girl is adorable!!