Sunday, March 21, 2010


So we decided that after almost a year of living in our condo, we should make it look like someone is actually living here. We painted and got some new decorations. It was actually quite a big undertaking but I'm glad we did it. Thanks to my sisters who basically helped me pick all the decorations out. We still need a few things here and there but I really love it and it feels like a home finally. Sorry there's lots of pics but I wanted to show you the before so you could appreciate the after more!



Sorry I left the tv on for the picture lol

This if definately my favorite part of our improvements


Jen said...

SO proud of all your hard work! You guys make a great HGTV team!

Jorgensen Family said...

I love what you did it looks so good!! Hope to see you soon!

Kristy said...

(I hope you remember me-Jens friend) Just thought I would tell you how cute everything looks. I so love that red wall and the big clock. Looks amazing!

Doris said...

Wow! Nice you did a really good job.