Monday, September 13, 2010

18 Months

She absolutely loves sitting in things that are just her size.
We watch Playhouse Disney everyday
She loves to dance!

I can't believe my little girl is 18 months old today! She is growing so quickly. She learns new words all the time and amazes me with her capacity to understand. Her favorite thing to do is draw. Recently she has started helping me cook and put on make-up. Both are a little messy but she loves doing what I do! I love her so much and the faster time goes by, the more I realize we should try to slow time down and enjoy the little things in life. I feel like at first I just wanted her to grow and develop and always waiting for the next stage, but now sometimes I wish I had that time back so I can enjoy it more fully. Okay I'm done rambling. Sniff, sniff, time for nursery at church.


Jen said...

Happy half birthday, Sugar! It really flies, huh?

Wendy said...

What a cutie. I love that girl.

Ashley said...

Loved the pics, it's so hard to believe we will start on their 2nd Birthdays soon!!