Thursday, February 24, 2011


I love my children. I really do but I also really need naptime. Not necessarily me taking a nap but the little ones. I really love that time to be able to take time to reload. I can read, watch tv, sleep, shower, workout, clean, etc. I really utilize the time I have to myself. Well, today Sugar decided she can climb out of the crib and hurt herself. She really needs a nap so I decided we all needed to lay down and take a nap. We've all been sick and the baby needs to sleep upright so she can breathe easier. They both fell asleep on me. I know this is a dark picture but look closely:
Sugar is on my hip and the baby is on my chest. It wasn't the most comfortable position for me so I couldn't sleep and the remote was too far away to reach so I had to watch the credits to Madagascar. Luckily I had a brought a book back with me. I'm sorry I needed to vent. Days like today just really make me grateful for routines and regular naptimes. I am grateful staying at home gives me the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the family.


Jen said...

I have been in that nap position MANY times! And the Madagascar credits - ROFL! I totally have been there.

I'm glad you can take it one day at a time and enjoy these little mothering challenges that test us and shape us. I love you!

Ashley said...

That picture is precious. I admire how well you are handling the transition, you are doing great!

AMEN, and THANK GOODNESS for naps!!