Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby Girl Birthday

Well, sorry for the hiatus. We were in Utah for the past 2 weeks. It was a wonderful visit and I spent most of my time with family and I loved every second of it. While we were there, Lindsey turned one. I was sad that Ty wasn't able to be there and celebrate with us, but it was a nice little get together with my family and lots of fun to celebrate in her special day. Here is the celebration via pictures:

She was SO excited when she woke up and saw her decorations up. She was just in awe.

Mommy and the birthday girl:

We had yummy pizza:

Even though we couldn't have them here physically, we were still happy to have Daddy and Aunt Wendy and Kate join in on the fun through skype. You can see that Wendy even put up decorations of her own, and Kate even made cupcakes to celebrate!
She loved opening all her new toys, books, and clothes:Here she is waiting in anticipation for her cake. Notice she already has icing on her face and hands. I tried to take a picture of her with her birthday cake before bringing out her individual cake and she immediately grabbed the cake!
Finally she got her own cake and went to town:

We let the cousins join in a bit:

After she was bathed and in her comfy pjs the party could continue:
Pap Pap dancing with the birthday girl:
The decorations are even more fun when they are down!
It was such a fun day. I enjoy so much about this sweet little girl. I'm so glad she is a part of our lives and how much she has changed the dynamics of our little family!

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Jen said...

Happy Birthday, L! It was great to have you all here.