Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We Are...

Another highlight of the trip came the day after Lindsey's birthday. My brother, Matt, wrestles for Penn State and they made a trip to Utah to wrestle! The morning before the meet, my dad and I drove down and got to go to the temple with Matt. Not only was it great to go to the temple, but it was so much fun to spend extra time with Matt. Here we are after the temple:

The trip took Matt down memory lane to when he was in the MTC and got to go to this temple once a week.

That evening we headed down to the meet. It was so awesome to see all these guys that I've been following the entire season. It was so impressive to see them in action.
This was the first time I've seen Matt wrestle in person since he was in high school! I hope to be able to watch him more in the upcoming years.
You can see Matt wrestling but I also got to see our favorite PSU twitter wrestling informant in action @pennstatepat:

It was so great to have so much of the family in one place again and it was so great to see Matt do so well.

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Jen said...

Beautiful shots at the temple! And I think it's interesting to call Pat our "PSU twitter wrestling informant" lol. Makes it seem like a covert op.