Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Summer Extravaganza: Utah Part 1

So remember how last post I said I would soon be with my family? Well, for the last 4 weeks I've been all over the country with family! (technically just Utah and Pennsylvania but we still covered a lot of the country in the air :-) Over the next few days/weeks I'll post parts of the trip. It was such a blast the entire time and we were doing things non stop. I'm grateful for the awesome time we had and all we experienced!
On the drive up from California we saw Mater in Gunnison. Whitney kept looking for Lightning McQueen but surprisingly we didn't see him in Sanpete County. :-)
The drive is long and you have to be creative so you don't go crazy. Hence the crown glasses.
We just drove to Ty's mom's house and were staying there for the weekend. (more on that later)
The next day we went up to Salt Lake sans kids to get things done and spend time with my family. I met my sisters at the mall just so we could see each other.

Aunt Wendy meets Brooklyn
No one can resist that squishy face
Brooklyn meets some more cousins!

Look at that smile. Don't you just want to eat her face off?!!
 My sister Wendy went through the temple and it was so great to have so many of us together. My brother, Matt surprised us all and came in for it. So it was extra exciting! We weren't minus one after all!

So excited to have a date night! It had been since December.
As Matt put it..."Here's the best 6 years of Mom's life" Meaning when us three youngest were born hahaha
 We had to break the news that we Ty wasn't going to be able to come to the wedding, so I wanted one last shot of the bachelor with his BIL.

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