Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shootings, Statues and Sactions

What a crazy weekend I had. Not really in the good sense of the word. I woke up Friday and as I'm sure many of you did, found out about the shooting in Colorado. Immediately I was watching/reading news and couldn't take my eyes off it. I felt so personally affected and I didn't know anyone involved. As more information I was so deeply saddened for the victims and their families. Honestly I didn't have anger for the shooter, just concern for everyone else. I was basically crying on and off the whole day. Eventually I turned to my Heavenly Father and felt strength in knowing all will eventually be well and we are so blessed to have the promise that every family can be together eternally.
This morning I was reading this talk by Elder Cook and it was amazing how it put into words my feelings and gave me more comfort. He says, "Many people face significant problems or even tragedy during this mortal journey. All over the world we see examples of trials and tribulations. We are moved in our souls by television images of death, acute suffering, and despair...Something stirs us when we become aware of such tragedy, especially when suffered by innocent people." He goes on to say, "Whenever tragedy occurs, we mourn and strive to bear one another's burdens. We lament the things that will not be accomplished and the songs that will not be sung."The most comforting part for me was at the end of the talk when he quotes scripture, "'The Lord suffereth the righteous to be slain that his justice and judgement may come upon the wicked.' He made it clear that the righteous are not lost but 'enter into the rest of the Lord their God.' The wicked will be held accountable for the atrocities they perpetrate." And the part that brought me to tears was from a hymn, "And Jesus listening can hear the songs I cannot sing."

Through the midst of all this, on Saturday, the Joe Paterno statue was removed. I was so sad to hear this. I don't want to get into any discussions on the matter. Just know I've been watching Penn State football for as long as I can remember and I just bought a new shirt so I could take my picture by this statue in just 15 short days.
Well, yesterday the NCAA sanctions for Penn State football came out. I'm not even going to post a link. If you don't know about it, google it. I was at a loss for words. Just like I was when they hastily fired Paterno back in November. I felt like I couldn't really take any more depressing news so I decided to get away from the internet and focus on things I have control over. Ultimately I can only form my own opinions and can't change others'. I can't undo what has already been done and I will proudly get my picture by the Lion Shrine.

I instead am focusing on the fact that I get to see my whole family, minus one :-( in just 3 DAYS! I literally shake with joy when I think about it and our bags are almost packed!!! I also just got a Nicholas Sparks' novel that I will immerse myself in and make the world go away. :-) I'm going to have a great month and nothing is going to stop me! WE ARE....


Jen said...

I love this post!!

Wendy said...

Penn State! And aren't you so happy it was minus none? :) Thanks for this post. It deserves a big fat "Ditto" from me!