Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer Extravaganza: The Wedding!!!

So finally the day came that was the main reason we were even having the summer extravaganza. My brother, Matt's wedding! All week the forecast said it would rain, but the big day came and the afternoon weather was gorgeous. The ceremony was beautiful and so was the bride!
Waiting for his bride.
So pretty!
My dad gave some beautiful words at the ceremony.
Here's the little cuties, except Brooklyn who was sleeping.
The "triplets" who love playing and were so happy to be together.
The moms and daughters (except Brooklyn again)
My sistas.
Our little fam

Sisters with our awesome cousin Kristine, basically just another sister.
My awesome aunts Patti and Kathy, it was so great seeing them!
The WHOLE fam
My dad and his brothers Mike and Tim. It's so much fun to watch them together
The newlywed's first dance.
Whitney couldn't take her eyes off them dancing. She loved it so much.

Thanks to Melissa who saved the day and made Lindsey's dress fit like a glove!
It was such a great day. I'm so excited and grateful for my new sister in law. Congrats on this new chapter in their lives!

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