Monday, March 18, 2013

Visit Part 1

Remember our Fun Visitor from last year? Well, he came back! Last week, my brother, David came and we had lots of fun! We took may too many pictures for one post so I'm breaking it up.

We had made grand plans for the first day he was here. Ty took off work so we could go to SeaWorld and have lots of fun. The forecast leading up to the first day was rain :-( I really hoped that it wouldn't be that bad. There was even a double rainbow on the way to get him from his hotel, so my hopes were high: 
The girls were super excited to see him. They loved his hotel room a lot too. Whitney loved the cable tv and Lindsey loved the big mirror:

 We kept with our plans and headed down to San Diego, but the forecast still looked bleak. We drove past SeaWorld and headed to Ocean Beach.

 We walked out onto the pier and enjoyed the crashing waves. After we got further out, we saw dolphins jumping out of the water! (Who needs SeaWorld, right? :-)
 We headed down to Coronado, which we had never seen. Since we were so far south, I made convinced Ty to head down to an outlet mall which was basically at the border of Mexico:
 We stopped for dinner it Old Town:
 We headed down the road to a really cool Sheriff's Museum. It was totally free and really interactive:

 Wouldn't you be afraid to get pulled over by these two:
 Ty putting the girls in handcuffs:
 We got into some trouble:
 Look at this mugshot:
 Rescue helicopter:
It wasn't our plan for the day, but turned out really fun. I'm always excited to explore new places around town. The girls were disappointed they didn't go to SeaWorld, but absolutely thrilled to spend time with their uncle.


Talisha Reupena said...

I love the girls' matching outfits! It's always fun to explore new places. I really need to take my boys to more exciting places other than Chuck-E-Cheese!

Melissa DeMoux said...

Getting arrested has never looked so good. So fun!