Thursday, March 21, 2013

Visit Part 2: La Jolla

After a day and a half of enjoying wrestling, we decided to head down to La Jolla and enjoy the pretty view and sunset.

Here's the children's pool where it's birthing season for the seals. I know they look beached and dead, but I promise they aren't. Just soaking up some sun with their babies.
The awesome huge pelicans:
We walked out onto the wall and could see this little guy poking his head out of the water:
La Jolla is my favorite thing to visit down here because it's so pretty!

They were very vocal:

One of the things I love about southern California is that people can do and wear whatever they want. (I guess people have the right to do that everywhere but it seems like people are more individualistic down here) Including putting their dogs in matching pink and purple tutus. Whitney loved the "twinner" dogs. :-) I think I match my girls too much haha
Pelicans in flight:

She hates the sun and loves sun glasses:

Loving Uncle David:

I know you can't see her face, but the sunset is just so pretty!

Watching the sunset over the ocean is a new favorite hobby of mine. Words can't describe it and pictures can't show it, but it is so gorgeous! I feel so at peace and could watch it every night!


Talisha Reupena said...

Wow, I love your pictures! The beach is amazing and sure beats the snow! I can't get over how adorable your daughters are! They are growing fast. Southern California is amazing and I love the diversity here!

Contact: Ashley Mills said...

Ok, your pics are amazing! Love the seals, love the girls!!