Monday, April 22, 2013


Last week Ty graduated with his associate degree from the Golf Academy of America. Luckily, my mom and dad were able to come down for the commencement and stay for a few days. We had a great visit. Over the next few days I'll blog about their visit, so enjoy lots of pictures as always! Don't mind my blurry phone photos
Here's my handsome graduate:

 We had to get a shot of the golf course behind him.
He was a good sport as I made him take various shots around the golf course. He's spent the last 16 months basically living on golf courses, so I wanted to document the end:
I'm so excited Ty was able to accomplish this goal and do so well while accomplishing! We both have learned a lot through this process! 
After graduation, to celebrate, we went out and got a new camera we've been wanting so get ready for even more pictures! haha It's quite complicated and it'll take some time to get used to.


Wendy Brown said...

Congrats to Tyler! Also, I'm glad you wore your new maxi skirt :)

Contact: Ashley Mills said...

Love the maxi skirt as well :) Love the pics...congrats to Tyler!!

Talisha Reupena said...

Such a great accomplishment. Happy for you both! It takes a lot of teamwork and effort to be able to further your education. Go Team Jorgensen!!