Saturday, April 6, 2013

Visit Part 3: SeaWorld!

Finally the last installment of my brother's trip! (I went out of town last week, so I've been preoccupied!) We took my brother to SeaWorld of course. So enjoy scads of pictures! It was tons of fun.
The most exciting thing was seeing the new baby orca who was born on Valentine's Day:
Copying his mama:

The girls and I watching the family swim (mother, 2 brothers, and a sister):
Shamu show:
Most of these pics were taken with my brother's camera and they are awesome!!

David and Lindsey met Shamu!

Sea turtles:
Dolphin show:

Uncle David bought Whitney cotton candy and she was beyond thrilled:

Of course they loved the bay of play:
I love that both of Whitney's feet are off the ground:

I love this breed of flamingo, they are so bright:
We were so grateful to have David visit. The girls just adore him. I love being able to show family my favorite things down here so they can see why I love it so much. I hope you are doing well and had a great Easter. I'll post that later, but for now, I'll be enjoying LDS General Conference for the next 2 days! Find out more and watch here.

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Melissa DeMoux said...

So much fun. What a great adventure. You have wonderful family all the way around.