Friday, May 10, 2013

Disneyland: Rides

Most of our experiences with the rides at Disneyland were like this:
Admired from afar haha. I did all this research before we went about how to use fast passes and the stroller swap for the rides the girls can't go on. Well, we didn't quite get that far. When you wait in line for 15-30 minutes for everything you do, the time adds up and you can't do too much. If you are going on vacation, I'd definitely recommend going multiple days if you want to see all the rides. I wasn't planning on riding too many rides, so I wasn't disappointed at all. We talked about what was most important before we went and we did all of it, so just know what you're priorities are before you go.
Here's waiting to ride Dumbo:

She loves this ride:
There's a ride similar to this at SeaWorld, so she was a pro at making Dumbo go up and down.
I really liked the view while we were on the ride:

Later on, we went to It's a Small World to let our feet rest:

Luckily I didn't get sick of the song and it was fun to see everything, even if the puppets are borderline creepy:
(It's weird lighting to try to take pictures)
It's not technically a ride but we went to see the Beauty and the Beast show. Here they are waiting in line:

Live music:

It was hilarious and entertaining

Yes, Lumière made an appearance:
We walked through Sleeping Beauty's storybook:

We didn't play too much in toon town, but we let the girls run around a bit. Whitney liked Mickey's car:

Playing in Goofy's yard:
There was no wait for the Buzz Lightyear ride so we headed over there next. Here's Buzz giving instructions on how to defeat Zurg:
Ready to blast some aliens:
Lindsey wasn't quite sure what to think:
Ty was very intense:
After the parade (next post) we had just enough time to hit the Peter Pan ride. The line was way too long earlier in the day and it wasn't a priority, but I was happy we got to do it. The ride was literally like a minute long, but the scenery you "fly" through was so cool!
Nana in the bedroom:
You probably aren't supposed to have flash photography in the ride but it looked to cool to not snap a quick pic:
We didn't do the famous teacups. I know, I know we are terrible parents. They have the same type of ride at SeaWorld so the wait didn't seem worth it, not to mention, it makes me a bit sick. Maybe when our kids are older, we'll hit up Splash Mountain and other exciting things, but what made the day special was seeing the girls' reactions to everything. I'll finish up our Disneyland posts soon with the parade!! Enjoy your day!


Talisha Reupena said...

I love it! I need to get my kids to Disneyland, I'm literally 15 minutes away! Looks like such a fun day!

jess said...

Yeah, it seems like a waste to not take advantage of things we live so close to, when people travel from all over the world to visit. Getting a pass makes a lot more sense when you live down here though.