Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Magical Weekend

If you know me at all, you know I love all things Disney. Well, every year they do a Halloween dress rehearsal. I wasn't planning on going this year, because the closest Disney store is in Denver. Whitney got the idea of wanting to be Snow White for Halloween. We tried for weeks to talk her into something cheaper, but she was really set on it, so we decided to head up and buy her the dress on the day of the dress rehearsal. Lindsey chose to be Nemo, a costume we already had. They were super cute and were very excited to make their Monsters Inc bags:
 Of course the workers are always so nice, we heard many Finding Nemo jokes:
 Trick or treating around the store:
In true Colorado fashion, we even had strangers chatting it up with us. This particular lady works at the store, but it was her day off and she still came in to see the festivities. I really love this place:
 They had coloring:

 Who wouldn't feel like a princess here:

 It was so fun and I highly recommend it to anyone. You don't have to be in their costumes or costumes at all. It's just a fun event!

Afterwards we headed into the heart of Denver and decided to try out a little place called Big Fat Cupcakes. It was kinda small, so we went to a beautiful park in Washington Park. My sister, Wendy, was here for the weekend so we wanted to give her a good experience in hopes she wants to come back to visit soon.

 There were lots of acorns on the ground, so we brought one back for the squirrels in our yard.

 The scenery was so pretty and the neighborhood around the park is so amazing.

 Sorry for all the pictures, they were too pretty to leave out!
 We came home to a pretty sunset:
 Whitney was thrilled to have a matching sweater Aunt Wendy got her. She wore it the rest of the weekend:
Are you all ready for Halloween? What is your favorite tradition for this time of year?

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