Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New project

This past weekend was Super Saturday (craft day) at church. I bought these 8x10 metal sheets that I thought the girls would like to play with. Well, the Relief Society president showed me this bag that she had made for her grandson to store the metal in:
Challenge Accepted! Haha no, but I thought it'd be perfect for the girls for church and our endless road trips/plane rides. I took the girls to Wal-mart and let them choose out some cute fabric, which made them pretty excited for the project.
For conference last week I had made this activity for the girls to have fun while the apostles were talking.
Well, since I'm making these bags for church, I turned the activity into magnets so Lindsey can learn the apostles and Whitney can refresh her knowledge of them. I'm also searching for other fun magnet games I could make. 
I took the fabric and left about an inch leeway on each side of the metal. I pinned the right sides together and sewed the two long sides and one short side.
 Then I made casing for the ribbon and threaded the ribbon through with a safety pin. Here's our finished project:
 I added duct tape to the corners because they were a little sharp. I also added foam sticker letters to the top of each board. I was going to do vinyl lettering, but I wanted to cut down on cost, and I know eventually whatever I put on there will be pulled off anyway.

I used iron on letters on the front. I know I could've sewed something on, but I haven't done that and wanted to make it a bit easier.


Contact: Ashley Mills said...

Way cute!

Jen said...

What a perfectly cute and practical project!