Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Chore lists

Here's a quick update of the happenings around here:
 We've been putting the baby in the jumperoo and he absolutely loves it! He is Daddy's bud and they hang out all night long.
He is a lot like his dad in the fact that shopping is pretty boring to him. This happens all the time:
 Lindsey is a s sassy as ever:

 Whitney lost her second tooth and her head is healing well. Her teacher will be leaving on maternity leave after this week, so we'll see if her love of school changes at all. 

Okay, now for the real post. Things were getting frustrating around here. The house was out of order, the kids were not helping, and I just felt a general feeling of disorganization. One of my new goals I set, was to keep the house more in order. (I'm actually a pretty messy person and I HATE cleaning.) So, to help me out from going crazy, I made chore lists for the girls. (I got my idea from pinterest) I printed picture so the non reader knew what the tasks were and got them laminated. They are pretty straight forward. There are morning tasks and evening tasks. It takes a lot of hounding from me to get them done, but they are such a great help! It has everything the girls need to get done, and it's made life so much more organized. I feel way more on top of things. I do need some suggestions to make it more of an incentive for them to get it done. They are allowed to watch netflix or play with toys once everything is done, but they have yet to have more than about 30 minutes before we leave for school. It takes them a long time and a lot of reminding/nagging. I need some type of reward to motivate them and a negative consequence if they don't finish. Yesterday I took away their American Girl Dolls because they didn't finish in the evening, but it wasn't a huge deal to them. So any suggestions would help! I don't want to give them money or treats, I need something unique and appealing!
Thanks in advance. Hope you're all doing well!

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Jen said...

I don't have a whole lot of advice except for advance preparation. Maybe encouraging them to do as much as possible before bedtime so that their morning goes smoother and they have more free time before school. Hopefully they'll get the hang of it before too long.