Monday, February 2, 2015

5 Months

Be prepared for a lot of squishiness and cuteness. I took little mister's 5 month pictures today. (one day late technically) If you catch him in the morning, he's all smiles, which is good and bad for me, the night owl. He's rolling over constantly, loves spitting, loves grasping and eating toys, and is so happy! (when he's not sleepy or hungry) He's so much fun and brings so much joy to the family. Enjoy the pictures!

Trying to grab the camera
You can't really tell in this picture but he's almost always trying to do crunches if he's on his back

Laughing at his sister

 So he has always had a very weird stomach. The doctor says it's normal, just weird looking. It's almost like it grows sideways instead of forward. Here it is normal:
 Well, since he's always doing crunches, it looks even weirder. The doctor said last week that he's got dimples on his stomach since the skin is attached underneath. So weird, right? She said I should take a picture, so I did. Enjoy probably your first ever stomach dimples:

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