Monday, January 26, 2009

Great Birthday

Ignore the chubby prego face. :-)
Well my special day went really great today. It started out with my brother who's far away in Iowa being the first one to tell me happy birthday. That made me very happy. My older brother took me and my mom to a yummy lunch. It made for a wonderful afternoon. I got my nails done. I love getting pampered. I got to spend time with my sis and her kids which always lifts me. We (Ty and I) went to dinner with my mom and dad. Food was great and company was better. After that the whole fam came over for cake and ice cream. I got great presents. When we got home, Tyler had my present waiting for me. A rocking chair! I totally love it. He treats me so good and always gives me what I need and want. I'm really excited to have it! Thanks to everyone who made my day so great. I love you all!


Ashley said...

A rocking chair--AWESOME!! Happy Birthday!!

Doris said...

Happy Birthday! Jess. Your bday is 1 day earlier than my fathers so I should have remembered. I am so scatterbrained nowadays. So forgive me. I'm glad you had fun.