Monday, February 2, 2009

Fun Week!

Here's my niece before we went to the hospital. She was very excited about her big sister shirt.

Here's Ty holding my sister's new baby! She is so cute. She has super dark hair and a lot of it! It's so much fun having a new baby here and I can't wait til ours comes!

This is me at my baby shower on Saturday. I obviously decided to go dark with my hair. :-) Sorry about my goofy face. I hate pictures being taken right now because my face is about four times the size that it should be. yuck. :-)

I got tons of great stuff at my shower. Thanks to all those that came. I got tons of great stuff. My mom and dad got us the travel system which was a great surprise and I'm so excited to put it together. Thanks to my great sisters who planned it for me!

Obviously things have been pretty exciting around here. I'm down to 4 weeks til my due date and can't believe it. We're trying to move here soon and will hopefully be out my sister-in-law's house within a week or two. Very stressful!


Juan And Caitlin said...

I love your hair.. It's WAY cute, and you look gorgeous.. As always!! How exciting!!!

Wendy said...

Man...I just clicked on the pic of you by yourself at your shower to make it larger and your makeup is unbelievable! You look way pretty; you should always do your makeup like that ;)