Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So 9 days til the due date. Haven't really had any braxton hicks so I don't feel like I'm that close to going into labor. We'll see. I'm probably wrong and will go into labor tomorrow or something lol. We're in the process of buying a condo so things have been pretty stressful around here. Hopefully we'll be able to move in in about two weeks or so. I'm very excited to have a place of our own. I can't wait to organize and move everything in! It is a bit further away from family than I'd like but it will be good for us to be in a new place and I really like the community. Plus Ty promised I can drive to Best Valley once a week to be with fam. :-) Some other exciting news, my other sister that is pregnant is also having a girl!!! So three girl cousins right in a row! YAY!


Ashley said...

Your "other" sister? You mean your favorite, amazing, coolest, sister--right?

demoux family said...

Hope you make it through these last few days without too much stress and discomfort. Good luck with the delivery and all. Congrats on the condo. Nice to bring a new baby home to a new home too.

Adiel said...

That'll be like three girls that we have at mini cheer! How cute!

And how exciting! A new baby and a new place! Little Jessica is growing up! :)