Friday, January 27, 2012

My Surprisingly Great Birthday (and a long post to talk about it)

So, yesterday was my birthday. I will be honest, part of me was dreading my birthday. (no, not because of age. I'm still young and don't mind getting older right now) I usually love my birthday. It's my special day and I make sure everyone treats me so. But this year, it would be my first time away from my family. Besides missions, it's the first time anyone has been away from home on their birthday. I was so depressed thinking I'd be alone on my birthday. Whitney accidentally spilled the beans on what I was getting from them so that didn't help that there was no anticipation for the day. Well, before my birthday I got a couple packages so that made me excited and I looked forward to opening them. Then I got a couple cards, more things to make me anticipate the day. Well, midnight came and I was in a great mood and decided to enjoy my birthday no matter what!
Ty made me pancakes (of course I put peanut butter on them) before he had to go to school, so that was awesome. Then he left and I started to get ready for the day. I got a surprise knock at the door and got this:
an edible arrangement from my sweet and awesome mom. I was really excited. It just made me feel so special. I was very grateful for everyone's generosity on my day. Ty came home later with flowers and other gifts to spoil me. As much as I hated not having a get together with family, it was still great to be able to open gifts via skype so people could still see me. Here's my loot:
(not pictured are the two airline tickets that my mom paid for for me to come visit in a couple weeks :-)

After gift opening we packed up and headed to the beach. We hadn't been to the beach closest to us so it was so much fun to go and explore. The girls had never been on the sand so that was a new experience for them. Pictures do no justice for how pretty it is. The waves were incredible and people were even surfing, so that was fun to watch. Here are tons of pictures:

After the first tide came in far enough to get her feet wet, she pretty much hated it. But I did get her to venture back out a couple times. She didn't want me to pull up her hair before we left, which I instantly regretted once we got there. I guess I will know better next time.
Lindsey would have run right into the water if I would have let her. She loved picking up rocks and shells and walking everywhere.

It was 70+ degrees and the water was cold, so that felt really good. There was not a cloud to be seen.
Next time I will not wear pants!!!

She is showing off a rock that she picked up:
I love these beach front houses. I would leave my windows open at all hours of the day to hear the waves.
After the beach we went to my annual birthday dinner at Olive Garden. Then we headed back to the beach to watch the sunset. I loved it. I could've stayed out there forever.
Here is the Oceanside Pier. I guess it's the pier that is in Top Gun. Cool factoid for you. :-)

We returned home and I was grateful I could get on face time and talk to my sister, Jen, and her whole fam. Then I skyped with my sister, Wendy, and got to open my gift from her. Luckily my mom has group skype and so I got to talk with my sisters, Wendy and Ash, my brother, Matt, and my parents. Even if I'm looking through the computer screen, I still love being able to talk with my family. Nothing has changed. We still try to talk over one another, laugh a lot, and enjoy the conversation(s). My brother, David, who doesn't have skype (yet) called me earlier and made me laugh during dinner. I'm so grateful for technology and that I can "spend time" with my loved ones, even they aren't here with me.
Of course we finished off the night with Birthday Cake. I know it's huge and we still have about 7/8 of it left. We will probably give most of it away today, or freeze it.
Thanks to everyone for making my birthday absolutely awesome!

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